Hypnotic Rework Therapy, HRT

Hypnotic Rework Therapy, HRT

HRT; it is a holistic approach, consisting of hypnotic techniques, with dual stimulation and running along the subconscious with consciousness. In this application, desensitization is obtained on the problem of bi-directional stimulation with some hypnotic techniques.

Taking into account existence of an innate information processing system in the brain, it is possible to say that negative life experiences or traumas may have impaired the biochemical balance of the brain's physical information processing system. This imbalance may prevent the information processing process from reaching a solution. Traumatic processes; this leads to deterioration of the usual adaptation mechanisms. The authors; (Shapiro, 2016) argues that this process has ceased to process information and freeze information in the original state that created anxiety (Shapiro, 2016).

Since traumatic events or negative life experiences lead to blockage in the information processing system, there is a need for new processing. The process remains in its ego-dystonic state when no reprocessing is performed. The aim is to make the process compatible with the ego. In such cases, Alladin (2013) says: Relaxation and relaxation are not enough, the important part of the treatment; is to reproduce the event that is traumatic. Your anxiety level decreases when you process again. 

Along with low self-esteem and self-efficacy, psychological dysfunction arises from this information stored in the nervous system.This information is obtained by bi-directional signal and some hypnotic techniques. Reached information is processed and resolved. The target memory picture and image change as the reprocessed information undergoes transformation. The viability of the image decreases as processing continues, the content changes, and even the picture is lost most of the time. This is not only limited to the change in the image; the changes in the picture affect emotional and cognitive processes and body sensation. The initial level of distress of the target moment or image decreases following treatment and becomes uncomfortable.The client expresses this in a concrete way with the SUD level. The process becomes compatible with the ego. When desensitization is achieved, self-belief starts to improve. Confidence in Positive Self-Worth increases.
Non-adaptive information or memory networks can be reconstructed with HRT to make them compatible with ego. The positive clinical implications of the use of imageinative hypnotic techniques and autohypnotic applications as an adjunct to therapy were observed throughout the studies.
With SPECT studies; Van Der Kolk in 1998 and Ramibahandran in Vestibular test studies in 1995; “Eye movements are convenient” to facilitate transfer.

Eye movements are associated with cognitive processes and cortical function (Antrobuz, 1973; Ringo, Sobotka, Diltz & Bruce, 1994). Two-way stimulation with focused attention, together with limbic and cortical systems may be triggered (Shapiro, 2016).
In this therapy technique, the target is not merely desensitization; Future studies are carried out with autohypnosis and the focus on “Conscious Awareness” approach and the adaptation to life is provided (Alan, 2019).
After processing, the individual can perceive his memory or his vision for the future from negative affect and perceive it as a mere moment or as an action or a normal situation in the future.
    HRT can be used in the therapy of emotional disorders caused by negative life experiences, especially in anxiety disorders, phobias and traumas, and in the therapy of future-oriented negative life expectations.

HRT is performed in five stages;
1- Consultant history, evaluation, preparation,
2- The application of hypnosis and self-worth with B.S.,
3- Reprocessing of the target moment or image by bidirectional stimuli and hypnotic techniques,
4- Self-worthiness and bodily adaptation under PSH
5- Autohypnosis and termination.
As a result HRT; It is remarkable with its quick results and easy applicability. HRT; in the past not to be stuck, insensitive to the current disturbing stimulus and to look at the future with confidence.